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You've seen the crowds gathered around a craps table, palpable excitement in the air as a hot shooter is commanding the dice. You want to be that hot shooter? Let the Casino Crusher show you the way.

Casino Crusher will teach you proven betting strategies that will allow you to walk into the casino and walk out within a couple hours and double the money you came in with. While the rowdy crowds can be exciting, we focus on the the profits.

What You'll Learn

Let the Casino Crusher teach you what you need to know to beat the odds at any craps table. In our private lessons, you will learn:

  • All the elements of controlling the dice, from setting to throwing technique.
  • Betting strategies to maximize payouts.
  • When to lay your chips on the table when you're not in control of the dice.
  • Work the casinos to get the most comps!

All classes take place in our Pittsburgh training centers on an official casino edition, full-size craps table.


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